The IFFI (French Institute of Industrial Refrigeration and HVAC) was established in 1942. It belongs to the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). The CNAM is a great institution of higher education and basic and applied research founded by Abbé Henri Grégoire in Paris the 10 October 1794 for « perfecting national  industry » . The CNAM is the achievements of the French Revolution in the field of science and techniques. Heir of the « Lumières » and Encyclopedists, the CNAM has from its beginning in 1794, a multidisciplinary vocation. The CNAM  is located in the center of  Paris and it is primarily intended for technicals,engineers and  managers operating in the industry, in business and in public services who want to learn new disciplines and  prepare a  diploma or a certification.

CNAM has 150 campuses in metropolitan France and overseas, as well as several international centers hosting nearly 9,000 students (10% of total), mainly in Lebanon (3800 pupils), the Maghreb and Francophone Africa ( 4000), but also in Asia and America. The CNAM has at least one campus in each of the 27 regions of France. More than 100,000 students are currently following courses CNAM in France to upgrade or get a degree.

This institute IFFI- one of the 50 different applied institutes of CNAM has trained many of the engineers and technicians of French  refrigeration and HVAC industry  and is in memory of this profession.

The significant growth in its history are:

  1. an opening to the HVAC resulting in its current name of « French Institute of Industrial Refrigeration and HVAC.
  2. an offered degrees that focused in 2010 on a title RNCP Level II « Responsible design, implementation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning installations » and on different specific certifications.
  3. the opening of an apprenticeship in 2009 in cooperation with the CFA CNAM Saint Denis and similar courses in Lyon in September 2014 in partnership with the vocational school « La Martinière » at the request of professionals.

These latest developments only reflect the reality of a socio-economic environment that reflects the profound changes of an economic world since the 1990s : the growing involvement of SME  as design offices, installers, control bodies and of large companies responsible for the operation or maintenance of facilities, the growing demand for technical staff of high academical level, The industrial sector employs nearly 28,000 employees and currently, 4,700 employees are recruited each year.

Professionals need highly qualified employees. Today, the environment of the refrigeration and HVAC professions is renewing : a new and problematic « energy » situation by the great pressure on all traditional energy sources.  This translates into European and National implementing regulations in the areas of the building (EPBD) and in industrial areas (CO2 emissions limitation) and into a very high sensitivity of all stakeholders to the concept of « energy efficiency ».  The growing interest into system integration which takes over the notion of equipment.. This means that a technical player in this field will have to master new tools in terms of regulatory techniques (dynamic simulation of systems, for example), new audit methodologies and diagnosis.

In the JUBILEE project, the CNAM/IFFI is the project coordinator. It is also involved in WP4 for teaching progression and material production, and in the frame of WP5 and  7 presenting and defending the project to the french companies and institutions. The CNAM/IFFI may develop new french certifications or diploma for young people or professionals: the JUBILEE project allows the definition of a new professional profile - we call « building energy efficiency Supervisor » - which need specific certifications. In the very next future, we plan to propose this kind of certification on the national level and in a second step on a European level in the frame of a transnational cooperation.


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  • Contact: Christophe Marvillet
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