Radius College, NL

ROC West-Brabant  is a holding of 8 colleges of vocational education and training in the South of the Netherlands. The ROC aims to be a school for high quality education for all students, irrespective of their age, background or social position. The education and training we offer aims to qualify people for the demands of the internationalized labour market, thusenhancing their opportunities for a better position in society; to contribute to people's personal development; to prepare people to function better in amulticultural, diverse and complex society.

ROC WB has about 28 000 students in vocational education and 2 500 staff members. ROC WB is an active member of the European Forum for VET (EFVET) and cooperates with the European Vocational Training Association (EVTA). Radius College is the technical College of ROC WB that will be involved in the EURIAC project. It has several technical departments, over 3500 students and 230 professionals and teachers. Courses includes e.g. subjects: Mechanical and electrical engineering, mechatronics, building and construction, installation professions plumbing and heating. In its mission statement Radius College says that society is so rapidly changing that they train young people to be independent to amaze our society with innovative solutions. Sustainability and the principle of cradle to cradle is used in all training programmes.

Professionals of Radius College will work on the description of the skills and competences needed for the construction and maintenance of energy efficient buildings. These descriptions will be used to update the training programmes. Furthermore, Radius will exchanges best practices with the other training providers.


  • Telephone: +31 6 30 72 18 25
  • Contact: Alex de Jongh
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