The increase in greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere cause major climate changes. To mitigate a sustainable development of our societies, it is now accepted that it will halve emissions of greenhouse gases across the planet in 2050.

The challenges are also economic and orders concerning the dwindling resources of fossil fuels, the supervision in development of nuclear energy, the encouraging energy savings and the use of alternative energy sources.

The construction sector is one of the largest consumers of energy among all economic sectors.

Needs in terms of training are important, we must rethink the thermal training from the consideration of the overall energy efficiency of the building, taking into account new regulations.

Currently, the education programme are organised per specific professions that deal a specific part of the building.

In order to answer the need described above, this project will work on the following objectives:

a. Better cooperation companies and education

> provide training programmes that will answer this specific need described above

> Train trainers so that their knowledge is up to date

b. The exchange of knowledge and experience

> Creation of a platform to exchange the already existing expertise in this field, in order to be able to transfer innovations from one country to another

and  from one sector to another.

The following activities will be carried out:

a. Inquiry of the European regulations.

b. To describe the competence profile for the supervisor for sustainable buildings.

c. To put the content of the necessary training programme to train people for this job; make a toolkit of the existing programmes, course materials.

d. Practical test: In collaboration with partner companies, test educational content so that they are recognized and certified.

The project result will be that employees, students and unemployed people can upgrade their skills and that they’re more successful and competitive on the labour market.

The project group includes 7 partners all involved in vocational training and having an expertise, a practice in the field of training in the sector of the energy.

The partners have all a big experience of exchanges and in European projects.

By working on the energy efficiency of buildings, it was important to gather countries of the Center but also the North and the South of Europe.

We have for objective to specify the skills necessary for the supervisor in energy efficiency of buildings as well as on many subjects to propose relevant educational contents for the pupils and the employees of this sector.At the individual level the impact will be to provide new skills for new jobs, Improve mobility and employability, to validate acquired competences.

At the company level the impact will be to allow to employees to be trained in new skills and techniques, to increase competitiveness on the market, flexibility and mobility of employees, widening usability of employees.